Marcy Brook


This is where I write about any topics I may want to reference in the future. There is no schedule for posts, and anything goes! Newest posts are at the top.

Multiplying Matrices in your Head

Back when I was leaning how to multiply matrices, I struggled to memorise any formulas or methods to do it because I didn't quite understand what was happening. In the end, I found a way to visualise it in my mind......

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Karnaugh Maps [MPMP 4]

The first thing I immediately noticed with this puzzle is that the state of whether each of the 4 cards are flipped is the equivalent to a 4 digit binary integer. From there there are a few key points that make the solution easy: 1) Flipping over a ......

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Recursion [MPMP 1]

This post references this video: I recommend watching that before reading this post. Spoilers ahead for the solution to the problem in the......

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The ending to a story is possibly the most important part. While a good story depends on the quality of every act, a bad ending can outright ruin any story's overall integrity. If you want to write a mediocre to good ending, then......

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There is one topic that is more controversial than any other I dare dip my toe into, and that debate is regarding the definition of a sandwich. As a result, I must make it clear that this is an opinion piece and you are more than......

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If you've ever used a random word generator (like mine), then you'll know that a comprehensive dictionary contains a ton of random and obscure words that likely haven't been used for anything other than fleshing out the dictio......

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