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This is an incomplete collection of coding projects that I have developed. All projects have external links for you to download and try them out.

Unless otherwise stated, these projects are under the effects of the Unlicense.

"Information wants to be free" - Stewart Brand, 1984

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What Star Wars Ships are Near Earth?

This is a gem that takes data from the NASA NEO API and classifies each object as a ship from Star Wars based on its size.

Completed as part of the first weekly Sheffield CompSoc Codevid challenge.

Link to Demo on this site

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This is a webapp that uses Machine Learning to tell if an email is safe, or spam/phishing etc.

Completed as part of a 24 hour hackathon: HackSheffield5, in a team with two other people.

Devpost Submission

Link to Github

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This is a simplified Part-of-Speech tagger written in Java. It has an accuracy of 87.5%.

Link to Github

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This is an unfinished game that a team and I worked on over a summer break. It uses very few libraries to allow us to build basic features from scratch.

It is not currently in a playable state, but it does demonstrate many coding techniques that have some utility, and changes are occasionally made to this day.

Link to Github

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I Like Monster Math

This project was a bot for the website reddit, which contributed to a site-wide joke from 2017/06/13 to 2017/06/29.

Whenever someone commented "They did the math" (in reference to an act of math-doing), a bot owned by another user would reply "don't fucking say it". This program would then reply to that comment with "they did the monster math" (in reference to this song).

Link to Pastebin

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